PSYPHER freestyle

miss me with a styrofoam and i been fillin all the forms
rap is tryna get me forward nasty tryna be the boss
me i never take a loss alandale i kill a lot
selling shit at camelot
see my shit is heavy now ma sell a weight.
heavy weight,all my niggas selling weight
now my niggas celebrating take a brick
all your niggas they been hating piece o bread,put it in a toaster and i be let it burn
you never ready,you were never ready
red is red a pepper spray,rubber bullet bullet proof
nigga flying outa space a nigga busy switching lanes
i be barely signed im not a cheque
stack o cash i handle it
all this rappers ain shit
getting fame and all shit

........ .
sun shine you dont
you barely touchin my doe
ghost riding my hoe riding n am barely talking you broke
all the niggas they run around like dirty bags and i know
talk tough dont act tough like many niggas i know
better come like whoe
luiv vetton that gucci
ain shit o me aint shit o me
like monalisa no lisa
drippin on your juice
come down your door
check time you rolly
25 cost 25 my 25
barely living murder reason i was raisin outa reason now you niggas outa reason
see my momma had a reason,
reason not for raising me.
yeah she couldnt raise me
daddy did a wiser man
im just tryna be the man

sippin purple purple rain i never think im outa brains
you niggas still be on a pace
you rappers tryna get a feature
me i never gave a fuck i wish i ever did the rappers tryna think they better
bitches get better,money come better, never stop chasing,dreams never leaving hoes never loving,words never ruggin
see he knocking on a door
see he knocking on a door
see you taking me for granted put six in your chest and get paid
thats a same reason niggas fucked up in my hood come back
that is my track
this is my trap
trapping on a stove niggas licking on a pot got me thinking am boss
im thinking am ross i be running with my head long thinking I'm ghost
niggas they scared yeah i see the nigga scared
cause i got em all praying jesus come back come here